Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday--(Missionaries) King Ranch Chicken, chips & salsa, black beans, green salad
FHE treat--Giant hot fudge brownie ala mode

Tuesday--Chicken Lime Cilantro soup (with broth from Sunday's whole chicken), cheese quesadillas

Wednesday--Baked tilapia, twice-baked potatoes, corn on the cob

Thursday--Giant green salad (one of my recipes printed in Taste of Home), homemade rolls (if I have the time)

Friday--Pizza for kids, Date Night for parents (!)

Saturday--Blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, fruit salad

Sunday--Ham and Scallopped Potatoes (crock pot), mixed vegetables


So have you noticed we're eating fish once a week and vegetarian at least once a week? Good for us, right?


  1. holy cow.... do youREALLY cook like that EVERY week???
    my weeks menu looks sad to yours..
    Mon- Roberto's
    Tuesday- Creamy Chicken n Rice ( vegi if i feel like it cus i'm the ONLY one who loves vegi's!)
    Wednesday- Raviol'i ( no not chef boyardee lol)
    salad, garlic bread and Strawberries for dessert
    Thursday- Mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes and Green beans
    Friday- Subway 8)
    Saturday- Salad and fruit
    Sunday- Breakfast for Dinner

    I normally have a leftovers night... Sometimes i will just take out one of the items if i have too many leftover and they just NEED eaten!
    I need to start adding more vegi's and fruit though...... Your meals look sooo well rounded!!!!

  2. Hey Lisa! Your menu looks pretty good to me! I'm coming over . . . .

    I am fortunate that my kids really love fruit and will tolerate vegetables.

    I had a foster boy who utterly refused to eat a vegetable of any kind. His adoptive mom was a health-conscious vegetarian and said, "Oh, we'll see about that!"

    And I thought, "You have no idea how stubborn he is. It'll never happen."

    But lo and behold, a few months later she sent me a photograph of Peter eating a bowl of broccoli--and loving it! The vegetables were covered in Ranch but hey, he was eating them.

    So maybe your family will come around to liking produce, Lisa. You never know. :)

  3. in summer..... i could eat salad and fruit all the time....... my fam would starve!