Monday, April 12, 2010

Week's Menu

Wanna know what we're having for dinner this week?

I usually try to eat fish once a week and have a vegetarian meal once a week. However, this time that's not happening. Next week I'll get back on schedule . . . I just have some things I need to use up.

Monday--Cheez-It Chicken, green salad w/ tomatoes, clementines
FHE treat: Glazed Peanut Butter Bars (I'll tell you if these are good when they're done--I must say that the batter is pretty great)

Tuesday--Navy bean soup (w/ leftover ham bone), corn bread, sliced apples

Wednesday--Tri-tip beef roast (crock pot); baked potatoes; mixed vegetables

Thursday--Turkey burgers, little bags of chips (before they go stale), cubed pineapple

Friday--Shredded beef tacos (from roast), homemade salsa & chips, black beans

Saturday--Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches; leftovers

Sunday--I haven't thought that far ahead . . . I'm usually pretty low-key on Sunday. To be honest, by then I'm a bit burned out on cooking.

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