Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Organizing Your Food Storage

Remember how I said we have a certain closet? I call it the food storage closet since it has our gigant-o can rotation system in it as well as a bookshelf full of macaroni and cheese. But the kids call it the TREAT CLOSET since that's what they care about.

I just went to the store: new Oreos, Chip's Ahoy, Slim Jims, almond packs, fruit snacks, mini-bags of popcorn, and Gatorade on top of the bookshelf.

It's very nice to have something to bribe reward the children with.

I'm lucky enough to have a closet to dedicate to food storage.

But here's the thing. Even though I *do* have room for a lot, there's no way all this would last us more than 2 months. Isn't that crazy? I don't know how someone would truly store enough for a year. But that being said, I really do like my shelf reliance rotation system. It's like at the grocery store, where you take a can of soup off the shelf and the rest of them roll down. I especially like something to help me take stock of my #10 cans. As you can see, I have room to add more tracks.

This is my pantry.

If your pantry / cupboard / closet shelves are deep enough I'd definitely recommend the cansolidator system. Shop around for the best deal; I ordered mine through and the shipping was free. It also operates on the first-in-first-out method. It's very easy to see what you have and what you need (and apparently I am out of canned pineapple).

Even if your kitchen is small I think you could find a place to put some of these (even if that place is in your linen cabinet or bedroom.) In my pantry I have two sets of the two-pack bundle at costco; 2 1/2 shelves on the top shelf and 1 1/2 on the bottom one. They fit together like Legos.

These three tubs at the bottom of the pantry hold rice, flour, and sugar. I wish they had flip-top lids . . . then my life would be perfect.

My goal is to make the food storage accessible and usable. I figure the more I rely on pantry staples the better off I'll be in the case of a shortage or emergency--meaning I'll know how to use what I have.

My friend Melanie has a list on her pantry door. She knows she wants to keep a certain number of everything (let's say, 24 cans of corn) and when she uses a can she notes it on her list. Then when she goes shopping she gets a can of corn to replace what she used. That's a great idea, don't you think?

As I'm writing this I realize I'm in no way an expert and I really have nothing amazing to offer you. But I do like my shelves. I guess I'm an expert at buying shelves and having Bryce and his dad put them together for me.

What do you use to help you keep organized?


  1. Nothing to offer?? Except total inspiration an awe! I have food storage but yeah, I really need to get some of those shelve things. Can you come organize my pantry for me? :)

  2. I'm going to take notes on this for sure!