Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

I'm baaaaaack! Oh the summer . . . camps, trips, and fun. Now I'm back to planning.

Monday--Chicken enchiladas, black beans, chips and salsa, baby carrots
FHE treat--Strawberry slushes

Tuesday--Lentil curry (or chicken curry for the whimps, haha), rice, Naan bread, steamed vegetables

Wednesday--Chinese chicken cabbage salad, rolls

Thursday--French toast, sausage links, strawberries

Friday--Make-your-own-pizza bar, sliced honeydew melon

Saturday--YOYO (You're on your own)

Sunday--Beef short ribs (crock pot), baked potatoes, corn on the cob


  1. Yay Rebecca!!! So glad you're back and so glad for the menu update. (It really does help me!)

  2. Hahahahaha YOYO... thats TOOO funny. MIGHT have to steal it heheh.. Saturday is my dads birthday.. he passed 13 yrs ago and just me and my sister are going out.. i wrote on my menu board. Boys are on their own..... hubby was like "what do you mean on our own??? i said im going out! hehehe but YOYO is WAAAY cuter!

  3. Haha, Lisa! I'm glad you're going out with your sis in honor of your Dad. The way you talk about him makes me think he must have been a great man. I stole YOYO from a friend, so you're free to steal it from me. LOL